New Surveillance Equipment Makes Students Feel Safer

By Kelly Reed Staff Writer MONTICELLO – New surveillance equipment on the University of Arkansas-Monticello campus makes students feel safer and decreases theft of property.    Over the past five years, UAM made efforts to improve security on campus by installing security cameras all across campus. Currently, surveillance systems cover many of the major housing halls, … Continue reading

Gun Safety: Preventing Violence On Campus

By Jennifer Lawrence Senior Editor    Many misconceptions surround school shootings. Some of these include school shootings are on the rise, they are solely an “American” problem and they are recent problems.    In fact, the opposite is true for each point. Of each of the 64 worst school shootings, only 17 were in the US and … Continue reading

Handicapped Student Parking Elicits Questions

By Susan Pruitt Senior Editor    One really does not seem to take in the importance of handicapped parking until they themselves become disabled.    Recently, I was diagnosed with a painful, chronic condition. My doctor suggested I get a temporary handicapped placard for my car. After receiving my placard, I drove to the university to attend … Continue reading

Severe Storm Destroys Rodeo Barn

By Clint Blasengame Senior Editor MONTICELLO – A barn on the University of Arkansas-Monticello campus was destroyed when high winds blew it off its foundation during a storm Jan 29.    According to Dean of the School of Agriculture, Kelly Bryant, the green barn that housed the rodeo team’s horses was blown over and also caused damage … Continue reading

Public Safety Collects Hunting Firearms

By Lei Brist Staff Writer MONTICELLO -The University of Arkansas-Monticello’s public safety office stores hunting rifles during the hunting season.    After hunting, early in the morning or before classes, campus police collect guns. Since before 2001, they have been collecting any type of legal firearm. They want to make sure the campus is safe.    “We … Continue reading

Instructor Of Mathematics Attends First Court Date

By Susan Pruitt Senior Editor MONTICELLO – A University of Arkansas-Monticello Mathematics instructor arrested Oct. 30 attended his first court date Nov. 20 at the Drew County Courthouse.    Nelson said the court date turned out to be more of a “cattle call.” He said everyone lined up in two lines with one line for those … Continue reading

Public Safety Uses Social Media

Clint Blasengame Junior Editor    The University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Department of Public Safety uses social media to combat crime and inform students.    The department has begun working to set up accounts on both Twitter and Facebook that, once established, can be accessed throught the departments Web site at    John Kidwell, chief of public safety, said … Continue reading

The 2012 Annual Fire Safety Reports No Fires At UAM For Past Three Years

By Bearlain Lewis Staff Writer MONTICELLO – According to the 2012 Annual Fire Safety Report,  the University of Arkansas at Monticello can proudly report no fires for the past three years.    Institutions that offer student housing or residential facilities must adhere to The Higher Education Opportunity Act enacted on August 14, 2008, which requires a … Continue reading

Annual Campus Notifications

   The University of Arkansas at Monticello provides a place of work and study for students, faculty and staff free from all forms of discrimination, sexual intimidation and exploitation.  To ensure compliance with the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. Sec.1681, et seq., and other federal and state civil rights laws, … Continue reading

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