Instructor Of Mathematics Attends First Court Date

By Susan Pruitt
Senior Editor


Instructor of Mathematics Guy Nelson

MONTICELLO – A University of Arkansas-Monticello Mathematics instructor arrested Oct. 30 attended his first court date Nov. 20 at the Drew County Courthouse.

   Nelson said the court date turned out to be more of a “cattle call.” He said everyone lined up in two lines with one line for those who pled guilty, and those who pled not guilty.

   “When it was finally my turn, I asked to speak to the judge. They granted my request, so after another very long wait, I was able to ask him to dismiss the charges,” Nelson said.

   Nelson said the judge denied his request to dismiss the charges due to the absence of the public safety officers whom arrested him. Debbie Haralson and Robert Thomason, UAM public safety officers, arrested Nelson for disorderly conduct, terroristic threatening and resisting arrest.

   John Kidwell, chief of public safety, said in general, officers do not attend the plea date, but are subpoenaed to the trial to testify.

   Nelson said the university granted him sick leave. Other instructors will be teaching his classes next semester.

   “I am very grateful for all the support from my colleagues and the university,” Nelson said.

   Nelson’s next court date is Jan. 16 at 8:30 a.m. at the Drew County Courthouse.

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One Response to “Instructor Of Mathematics Attends First Court Date”
  1. Special treatment says:

    Why do you think you should get special treatment, since you have been arrested do you think you shouldn’t have to abide by the rules every other arrestee has to live by. Give me a break, just like anyone else who feels falsely accused prove that you are innocent and the charges will be dropped.

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