Public Safety Collects Hunting Firearms

By Lei Brist
Staff Writer

tv_News 10dbMONTICELLO -The University of Arkansas-Monticello’s public safety office stores hunting rifles during the hunting season.

   After hunting, early in the morning or before classes, campus police collect guns. Since before 2001, they have been collecting any type of legal firearm. They want to make sure the campus is safe.

   “We don’t want unsecured weapons on campus,” said John Kidwell, director of public safety.

   Kidwell said firearms can be dropped off at the Department of Public Safety. He said firearms may be picked up or dropped off at any time by notifying an officer and may be kept by public safety throughout the year.

   “Knowing that I can take my shotgun into public safety shows me how much more time I have to hunt. I really appreciate them for this service,” said Jacob Kuhn, a senior music education major.

   Kidwell said they keep track of the guns by logging in the serial number and personal identification. Then, to pick up the firearm, they ask for personal identification.

   He said failure to check in a firearm can result in a citation, confiscation and/or destruction of the weapon and possibly being arrested.


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