Students Announce Candidacy For SGA Election

By Merrell Miles
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO– Aliyah Kennedy and Taylor Norris recently announced their candidacy for the upcoming 2015-2016 University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Student Government elections, which will be held in an online format through the UAM student email from the 13th through the 20th of April.

Kennedy, who currently serves as SGA Treasurer will run for the office of President, while Norris, who is currently SGA President, will run for the office of Vice President.

tv_buzzworthy 10dbConcerning the shift in positions, Norris explains, “I am not running as president because I feel since I am graduating in December and will be leaving that it is better to leave the team replacing a vice president rather than a head president.  Also, I feel like Aliyah will do a great job at representing the student body and leading her team.”

Although some consider Norris’s choice to be a potential demotion, she disagrees. “I think that my demotion to VP is not much of a demotion at all.  If re-elected, our SGA team will aim to work together to get everything done rather than everyone doing their own thing. The SGA team does this now but we will continue to grow on that next year,” Norris explicates.

When questioned concerning their reasons for candidacy and their goals for the next year, Kennedy and Norris produce compelling responses.  According to Kennedy, “I want to make positive changes for UAM, and I feel that with the executive board and the students’ help we could accomplish that.  I definitely am looking at starting to use green energy for campus.  Also, I will still be working to try to get winter commencement as well.  I also would want to get the students’ input on things they would like to see changed.”

Norris responds, “If Aliyah and I get re-elected I think the experiences we have had this past term will help us be able to do everything better this next term.  We have learned how to get jobs done and how to get them done more efficiently which would help next term for sure.”

Aliyah Kennedy, a Hot Springs native, and Taylor Norris, from Celina, Texas, are a diverse pair.  Aliyah is President of the UAM Theatre Club.  Taylor is a former UAM softball player, and currently runs Cross Country for the university.


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