SGA Holds Vote To Change Constitution

By Merrell Miles
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO- The University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Student Government Association is holding a vote concerning changes to its constitution.

Prior to the current amendments, the constitution had not been updated since 2009.

tv_News 10dbTaylor Norris, UAM Student Government Association President and senior Business Marketing major, explains, “The biggest change to the constitution that we made was the grade requirements for president and vice president.  We changed them from 2.75 to 3.0.  The SGA team made this change because we believe someone that is in that position should be required to maintain a higher GPA.”

According to Norris the changes to the constitution will help improve leadership within the SGA.

“These changes we made are beneficial because it holds the ‘leaders’ of the Student body to high standards and be positive influences,” said Norris.

Hannah Gray, a senior English major at UAM, said, “I agree with this change because I feel that the work a student puts forth in his or her grades will reflect the amount of work he or she will put into being a leader.”

To vote on the amendments, UAM students may check their email and follow the link provided. Polls close at 4:00 pm Wednesday, Feb. 18. The outcome is based upon the majority vote.


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