UAM Students Present Original Research At New Orleans Conference

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Pictured (from left) are James Trigleth, Ashley Lawrence, Leslie Beard and Tyler Harrison.  Photo Courtesy of Media Services

Pictured (from left) are James Trigleth, Ashley Lawrence, Leslie Beard and Tyler Harrison.
Photo Courtesy of Media Services

MONTICELLO — Four political science students at the University of Arkansas at Monticello presented original research at the Southern Political Science Association conference in New Orleans Jan. 14-17. The annual conference brings together college and university students and faculty specializing in the social sciences from around the world.

Leslie Beard of Monticello, Jimmy ‘Tyler’ Harrison of Star City, Ashley Lawrence of Warren and James Trigleth of Lake Village comprised the four-person UAM delegation. Each student gave a 15-minute conference presentation of original politicalscience research.

Lawrence, a senior political science and criminal justice double major, and Beard, a junior psychology and political science double major, presented papers exploring different approaches to addressing the issue of poverty in the United States.

Lawrence’s paper, entitled “Falling into Quicksand: Social Welfare Policy’s Fight against the Inequalities of Poverty,” addressed ways to re-conceptualize social welfare policy and poverty in order to better address the persistenteconomic inequality found in America. Beard’s paper, entitled “Welfare in America: Humanity’s Obligation to Help the Helpless,” comparatively analyzes the Republican and Democratic perspectives on how to address poverty in America. Both emphasize the need to revamp existing programs in order to address this ongoing issue more holistically and effectively.

Harrison, a junior political science and history double major, presented a paper examining the rising influence of social media in political campaigns. Harrison’s paper, entitled “Campaigns ‘Gone Viral’: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Social Media Advertising in Political Campaigns,” created a template of the different ways that social media can be used as a campaign tool.

Trigleth, a senior criminal justice and political science double major, presented a paper focusing on the impact of foreign investment and/or intervention on development in the Middle East. Trigleth’s paper, entitled “Reaping what Someone Else Has Sown’: A Regional Assessment of the Impact of Western Influence on the Middle East,” argues that western powers must find more culturally appropriate ways to intervene in the affairs of the Middle East, if their efforts are to aid in encouraging positive, grass-roots development throughout the region.

Each of thes papers were researched and written under the direction and mentorship of Dr. Carol Strong, an associate professor of political science at UAM.


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