MLK Commemoration Displays King’s Legacy, Brings Students Together

By Merrell Miles Voice Contributor

MONTICELLO- Upon visiting the Alpha Phi Alpha’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration, the differences between the world of Mr. King and the current mentality of the United States are blatantly displayed.

A slideshow displays videos of Dr. King and his family contemplating their court case concerning the rights to his possessions. Riots and murders bloody the streets of Missouri, and Kiara Newhouse belts the Black National Anthem. While the lyrics pierce the atmosphere, I realize I never knew of a Black National Anthem. tv_buzzworthy 10db

As Kyle Kennedy, a caucasian brother of Alpha Phi Alpha, speaks of Dr. King’s impact on our nation’s history, I watch a student make a duck face for her snapchat selfie. Hundreds of students meander into the University Center, grab their Atlanta soul food, sit down at the tables, and shovel food into their mouths with Beats by Dre headphones on their ears, staring at the slideshow in front of them.

Payton Miller, a University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Student Government parliamentarian, asks the crowd to recognize Brother King with a moment of silence, and confused eyes stumble around the John F. Gibson University Center Green Room.

I have a dream.


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