Political Science Students Present Papers At State Conference

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MONTICELLO — Political science students from the University of Arkansas at Monticello presented original research papers to the Arkansastv_buzzworthy 10db Political Science Association’s annual national conference held recently at Harding University in Searcy.

   Keynote speakers included Dr. Shawn Fisher, who spoke about the use of the U.S. National Guard in Little Rock during the Central High Crisis, and Arkansas State Representative Ann Clemmer.

   Tyler Harrison and Sarah Phillips of Star City, Reva Humphries of Dewitt, Amanda Thompson of Monticello and James Trigleth of Lake Village each presented papers containing original research, competing against undergraduate students fromacross the state.

   Humphries, a senior political science major, and Harrison and Phillips, both junior political science majors, presented papers focusing on domestic issues ranging from the challenges associated with combating racial profiling and sex trafficking in the United States to the need for better regulations on animal testing.

   Harrison’s paper, entitled: “The War on Drugs in Black and White: An Exploration of its Disparate Effects on the African-American Community,” argued that the arrest and sentencing patterns of current drug arrests unfairly target and convict African-Americans. Humphries’ paper, entitled “Silent Screams of a Forbidden Trade: Power Relations in the Sex Trade,” looked for better ways to conceptualize power relations within human trafficking syndicates to betteraddress this growing international problem. Phillips’ paper, entitled “Animal Testing Laws in the United States: An Analytical Critique of Relevancy (or Lack thereof) of Existing Legislation,” provides an analysis of current U.S. legislation regulating the use of animals for testing purposes that includes relevant international comparative data.

   Thompson, a senior political science major, and Trigleth, a junior criminal justice major and political science minor, presented papers focusing on international affairs. Thompson’s paper, entitled “Should Countries ‘Go It Alone’: Comparing Unilateral Efforts of Counterterrorism and United Nations Initiatives,” assessed the successes and failures of unilateral attempts by countries to fight terrorist threats as opposed to coordinated attempts by the United Nations. Trigleth’s paper, entitled “Reaping What Someone Else Has Sown: A Regional Assessment of the Impact of Western Influence on the Middle East,” investigates the benefits and consequences associated with western intervention in the Middle East, politically, economically and socially.

   “This is the fourth year that UAM students have presented papers at an Arkansas Political Science Association annual conference,” said Dr. Carol Strong, a member of the executive board of the Arkansas Political Science Association and associate professor of political science at UAM.  “Each time, they have been competitive and have represented UAM well. I am so proud of what these students have accomplished and am excited about what their presentations foretell for the future.”

   For more information, contact Dr. Carol Strong at (870) 460-1687.


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