Spring 2014 Refund Dates

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REMINDER: You must attend class (or participate, if online) as of the semester census date which is Jan. 23, to be eligible for most types of Federal financial aid. Attendance (participation) in an online course DOES include submission of an academic assignment (even if an assignment is not due by Jan. 23), participation in online discussion about academic matters, and initiation of contact with instructor to ask question(s) about academic subject. It DOES NOT include documentation that a student has logged into an online class with no participation, academic counseling or academic advising. Regular attendance throughout the semester is essential. Students who completely withdraw or stop attending prior to the end of the semester may be required to return a portion of any Federal funds received. Visit the Financial Aid Office in Harris Hall, Room 300 if you need to withdraw from one or more classes.

February 5, 2014*

  • 1st disbursement of Spring-only loans
  • 2nd disbursement of Fall/Spring Loans
  • Pell Grants and all other aid received as of Thursday, Jan. 30

*Aid must be received and applied to the student’s account by Thursday, Jan. 30 to be included in this refund.

February 12, 2014**

  • 1st disbursement of Spring 2014 Freshman 1st time borrower loans

**Aid must be received and applied to the student’s account by Thursday, Feb. 6 to be included in this refund.

March 12, 2014***

  • 2nd disbursement of Spring-only loans

***Aid must be received and applied to the student’s account by Thursday, March 6 to be included in this refund.

The dates above are the initial refund dates for each type of aid listed. Refunds are made by the UAM Cashiers Office each Wednesday, beginning Feb. 5 for aid applied to a student’s bill during the previous week.

Common Reasons funds may not be applied to a student’s account:
1. Student has not finalized their bill
2. Valid Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) not completed
3. Direct Stafford Loan entrance counseling not completed
4. Student is not enrolled (or failed to begin attendance) in enough hours to receive aid
5. Student is provisionally admitted
6. Student has outstanding items on “To Do List”

See WeevilNet To Do List for outstanding items to be done. Direct Loan Master Promissory Note and/or Entrance Counseling (2 separate items) are completed electronically (use link below) and results must be received by UAM from the U.S. Department of Education before loans can be disbursed. Your FAFSA PIN# is required. https://studentloans.

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