Apple Brings Big Change With New Operating System

Clint Blasengame
Senior Editor

tv_buzzworthy 10dbMONTICELLO – On Sept. 18, Apple released its latest operating system, iOS 7. This new software brought many different changes to the widely popular operating system that is ran on Apple’s products including iPhones, iPods and iPads.

   With the new overhaul of design and look, one of the biggest new features of iOS 7 is a new color scale. All of the app icons feature an all-new variety of colors as well as designs. Such apps that include all new looks are Camera, Weather, Settings and Photos. All of these showcase brand-new looks from their former appearances in iOS 6.

   While iOS 7 brought many new features such as a level tool, multitasking and Control Center, which allows users to access many apps in one place, the software also improved on some old original features as well. Siri was improved to sound clearer and have improved accuracy, as well as include a optional male voice. The Clock app icon keeps real time and the lock screen is much more open than before. Apple also changed some font styles and size as well as made some noticeable changes to the on-screen keyboard.

   Aside from a more sleek and newer look, iOS 7 offers a large number of changes and features in its newest software. iOS 7 can be downloaded onto many newer apple devices and even is avalible on some older generation models of such devices as the iPhone.

   To see what devices iOS 7 is compatible with as well as to get more information about the operating system, please visit


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