BCM Sees Various Changes With The New School Year

By Ryan Hill
Staff Writer

tv_buzzworthy 10dbMONTICELLO-It’s a new year at the University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry and with a new year comes new faces, ideas, structure and opportunities.

   The BCM is structured differently than the years before.  The BCM gives students opportunities to get involved in different organizations such as Refuge, Free Lunch On Wednesday, discipleship, church attendance, small groups and missions.

   One of the big things happening at the BCM is Mash Wednesdays. This includes F.L.O.W, a car pool to local churches at 5:30 p.m. and Refuge.

   The BCM moved the Refuge service to Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. in the BCM building. During Refuge the praise and worship band will lead music and then a devotion will be given.  After the devotion, the students split up into groups, where they go over Bible verses and questions over the verses or devotion.

   Jeremy Hayes, a sophomore at UAM, said, “I’m excited about having the new praise and worship band. Having a full band to worship just makes all the difference.”

   On Sunday nights, the BCM has partnered with different churches around the area for a small group Bible study. Church members will host the Bible studies at their homes and BCM students go to help out or lead the studies.

   The BCM is also partnering up with the MBSF to tailgate before UAM football games.


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