Campus Introduces New Graduation Policy

By Kevin Taylor
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO-The University of Arkansas at Monticello has a new graduation policy. Effective May 9, 2014 at the graduation commencement, the student must have completed all exit examinations and or all test, for the baccalaureate or associate degree or technical certificate in order to participate in the commencement. If you would like to request an exception for this new rule, then you must contact the dean of the academic unit under which the degree is housed and forwarded to the Provost for approval.

   There are few quick steps to apply for graduation. You must first log into Weevil Net through the UAM home page Click on self-service, then click on student center, under academics, clicks on other academic. Click the link to your academic program, choose expected graduation date from drop down menu, click continue. Enter the information and check boxes. Click submit application, update diploma name and address (student center – personal information).

   This must be done by Oct. 4 in order to graduate in the Spring. Congratulation on making it this far, and I hope you have a successful semester!


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