Writing Center Institues Online Appointment System

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Julie Platt

tv_Around Campus 10dbMONTICELLO-On Monday, the UAM Writing Center instituted its new online appointment system. The new system will allow us to better serve the UAM community in several ways. Making appointments with consultants in advance will allow for less rushed, higher quality sessions. The new system will also allow us to keep better records for future assessments. Students who come to use the Writing Center for any purpose will need to register in the new system and make an appointment, either with a consultant or for lab/study time. The new system can be accessed at http://uamont.mywconline.com, and the link can also be reached from the UAM Writing Center webpage. Our goal with the new system is to help the UAM Writing Center transition to a professional, organized learning space that is beneficial to all. We would appreciate your cooperation in encouraging students to register and make appointments using this system. We also encourage you and your students to follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/uamwc, and on Facebook at facebook.com/uamwritingcenter.



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