Bankston Hall Sees Big Renovations

By Brooke Rutledge
Staff Writer

tv_News 10dbMONTICELLO – Bankston Hall renovated to welcome freshman and current University of Arkansas-Monticello’s students for the fall of 2013.

   Over the past years Bankston Hall has been an all-male dorm. A decision was put into place to convert Bankston into a co-ed dorm and to completely renovate the inside and outside. Construction began in the spring of 2013.

   Melissa Ohannes stated her thoughts and opinions of the newly renovated Bankston. Ohannes is a resident assistance for Bankston Hall.

   When asked what improvements stand out to her, Ohannes said, “The structural improvements stand out the most. From the new lobby to the suite-styled rooms, the changes at Bankston Hall are remarkable.”

   There are now two study rooms on each floor for the students. However, the students most enjoy hanging out and congregating in the newly renovated lobby.

   The biggest change for Bankston and for this campus is that it is co-ed. Because they took half of the dorm away from the boys, Royer Hall became an only male dorm.

   “I enjoy the hall being co-ed because it gives the residents more opportunities to interact and create life long connections with one another,” said Ohannes “The biggest improvement to me is the difference in the overall atmosphere of Bankston Hall as it is now more comfortable and inviting than it has ever been.”


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