Foreign-Born Requirements

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   Arkansas Law states that every student who was “foreign born” is subject to the requirements of the Arkansas Department of Health Tuberculosis Screening Program for Foreign Born University and College Students.

   In order to comply with these regulations, every student born outside the USA must begin by completing the Tuberculin Skin Testing Questionnaire for College Students, found in your student email, as soon as possible.  Upon completion and submission of this form, either electronically or by hand, to UAM Student Health Services, ou.  Do not obtain a skin test or blood test until instructed to do so.

   Students who have not completed all requirements by Wednesday, Sept. 11 are required by law to be administratively removed from all classes.

   For more information or to obtain a hard copy of the form, call (870)460-1051, email, or visit UAM Student Health Services at the UAM Wellness Center.


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