No Tickets Required For Commencement

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

tv_opedAll prospective University of Arkansas-Monticello graduates are looking forward to Friday morning. I can’t speak for everyone else, but my grandma is coming in from out-of-town.

   I have been beyond excited for graduation, inviting family and friends to share in this special day with me. Recently, someone contacted me and told me each graduate is allotted four tickets for guests. This caused me to panic. I have more than four guests. My husband and two children, my mom and dad, my grandma, in-laws and extended family. How can I decide who to un-invite?

   That is like telling me I have to decide who the most important four people in my life are. After a mini-panic attack, I took to Facebook looking for answers. Many responders told me tickets were not required. This helped ease my fear, slightly.

   As soon as UAM offices opened this morning, I called the Office of Academic Affairs. Lydia Lowery, administrative assistant for academic affairs, confirmed no tickets are required. She explained that is why there are two ceremonies. The ceremonies have been divided up and held at separate times therefore each graduate could invite more guests.

   The panic attack has finally subsided. I can now look forward to having my family in the audience watching as I receive the diploma I have worked so hard to get. This has been a goal that has been ten years in the making, but Friday, it will culminate with the much sought-after degree. I can finally breathe.


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