Wreck it Ralph Offers Popping Animation, Life Lessons

Wreck-It Ralph (PG)

Arts & EntertainmentBy Tori Bozzo
Staff Writer

   Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph directed by Rich Moore is a fun, good-hearted and visually appealing experience for the whole family.

   Ralph (John C. Reilly) is the bad guy who wrecks buildings in the game Fix It Felix. His costar Felix (Jack McBrayer) always fixes the mess that Ralph makes and gets a medal for being the good guy. Ralph becomes tired of always being the villain and begins his journey to find a gold medal that will earn him respect from his fellow game members.

   First Ralph, ends up in Hero’s Duty which is led by Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) where he receives a gold medal, but awakes millions of cybugs in the process. He then ends up in the brightly colored cart racing game Sugar Rush where he meets Vanellope von Shweetz (Sarah Silverman). Shweetz is a little girl who is bullied and banned from racing because she is a “glitch.” Ralph decides to help Vanellope earn a spot back in the race, and Vanellope helps Ralph realize that he doesn’t need a gold medal to be a hero. He was already her hero.

   I rate this movie an eight out of 10. It has eye popping animation, great voices, humor, friendship and a good lesson.

   Rent it or buy it now and experience the colorful and inventive gamer world.

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