BCM Invites Delta Baptist Relief Team To Campus

By Ryan Hill
Staff Writer
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MONTICELLO – The Baptist Collegiate Ministries invited the Delta Baptist Relief team to cook and serve lunch April 24.

   The Delta Baptist Disaster Relief team, which consists of 26 churches, is prepared to come to the aid in any disaster and can cook for up to 300 people at a time. The team is the first to arrive on the scene to feed those in need. The team is later supported by a bigger team of disaster relief groups who also partner with the Southern Baptist Convention in times of need.

   Greg Ogletree, a student at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, went on a mission trip over Christmas break and teamed up with a disaster relief team in New York.

   “The trip that I went on … the relief crew had been there for two months already. It was more of a long term set up. They put up tents with cots, trailers with bathrooms and laundry units, a row of porta-potties and a row of outside sinks for the student workers and volunteers to use.”

   Ogletree said workers come in and live on the compound, wake up every morning, eat breakfast, pack a sack lunch and head out to the work site.”

   The Delta Baptist Relief team has cooked only twice so far, once for a church within their association and most recently for the Baptist Collegiate Ministries on campus.

   For more information about disaster relief programs visit http://www.namb.net/dr/.


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