Cyber Bullying Workshop To Be Presented May 9

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Preparing a workshop on the dangers of cyber bullying are (from left, first row) Mary Haynie, Bryan Fendley, Misty Jones, (second row) Shae Kulbeth and Selena Collier.

Bryan Fendley will present a workshop on the dangers of cyber bullying. Those assisting in preparing the workshop are (from left, first row) Mary Haynie, Bryan Fendley, Misty Jones, (second row) Shae Kulbeth and Selena Collier. Photo Courtesy of Media Services

MONTICELLO — Bryan Fendley, director of academic computing at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, will present a free workshop to educate parents on the dangers of cyber bullying will be presented May 9. The workshop, which will be held at Second Baptist Church of Monticello, will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes a free lunch.

   The Area 5 Wraparound Programs, CASSP Regional Team and the SOC Care Coordinating Council are sponsoring the workshop.

   According to Fendley, most people are unaware of the potential dangers of cyber bullying. “Cyber bullying is a type of bullying that takes place when internet enabled devices and applications are used to make someone’s life miserable,” Fendley explained. “Bullies used to be found on playgrounds. Now they are on cell phones, Facebook and other areas of the Internet. The way we go about hurting people has evolved.”

   Citing current studies, Fendley said over half of all teens will either be victims or perpetrators of online bullying during their adolescent years. This involves online threats, circulation of unflattering photos, circulating sexually suggestive photographs or spreading damaging rumors.

   “Eighty-five percent of kids won’t tell anyone that their being cyber bullied,” said Fendley. “That’s why it is so important for parents to learn how to recognize it.” Fendley will be helping parents learn to recognize and address cyber bullying during the workshop.

   A special screening of Submit the Documentary has also been arranged at the end of the workshop.  Submit the Documentary is an award winning film that takes a stark look at the damaging effects of cyber bullying.

   Reservations for the workshop may be made by calling Misty Jones  at (870) 224-2474, Shae Kulbeth at (870) 723-8900 or Selena Collier at (870) 723-1775.


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