Bankston Renovations Disrupt Students

By Alissia Burden
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO-Going to college and living in a dorm is a living and learning experience. It’s probably the only time in your life that you will ever be livingtv_Around Campus 10db with a community of people with the same interests, goals and, not to mention, fears.

   Often, students find noise an issue while living in a residence hall. You must remember that kindness goes a long way. If your neighbor has their stereo too loud during quiet hours while you’re studying for an exam, just kindly ask them to turn it down.

   But this is not the case in Bankston Hall. The students can not ask the construction workers to quiet down a little. In fact, “a little” wouldnt even be enough.  The campus renovations started entirely too early according to some of the students residing in Bankston Hall.

   A.J Calhoun, a senior and athlete, stays on the third floor. When asked how he feels about the campus renovations in the middle of the year he said, “I need all of my rest. I can’t afford to miss any sleep. I dont think it’s fair for any of us to be waken up in the morning by construction equipment. This should have been planned for the summer time.”

   Meldric Stigler, a freshman, says “I can’t wait until school is out because of all the construction.” He says his sleeping pattern has been tremendously affected by all the machines in the morning. He also complained about having to move out of old rooms into new ones. They not only had to move out of rooms, they had to move down a floor. The living arrangements should have been final before the boys moved in.

   Ryan Lensing is a freshman and athlete living in Bankston. He says he doesn’t think that it is a safe for them to be in the building while there is construction going on because anything could happen. He also said that he hopes that all the headaches from the noise would be well worth it when he returns for the fall semester of 2013.

   The University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Residence Life Mission Statement is, “It is the intention of the Office of Residence Life at the University of Arkansas at Monticello to support the academic mission of the institution by providing a safe, comfortable physical environment in which one is able to pursue academic endeavors and achieve personal growth within the boundaries of community standards and respect for others.”

   Jack Lassiter, chancellor of UAM, is working really hard to make sure that the current and incoming students feel comfortable and pleased.  He says he is keeping the students in mind while planning the renovation.

   The students are excited and expecting great things.


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