BCM Students Visit Baptist Home

By Ryan Hill
Staff Writer

tv_buzzworthy 10dbMONTICELLO-The University of Arkansas-Monticello’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry is reaching out to the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home.

   The BCM students are going off of UAM’s campus and into the community of Monticello to reach out to the children at the ABC Homes.

   The BCM students’ mission is to serve in any way that they can and to build relationships with the adults and children of the ABC Homes for future opportunities.

   The BCM students took a tour of the boys and girls cottages, met with the house parents and introduced themselves and then were able to meet with the children.  The students visited the boy’s home first and met with seven boys.  The boys were excited to see the students and show off their rooms, toys and belongings.  The students also visited the girl’s home.  The girls were just as excited to see the students as the boys were.  The girls showed the students their dollhouses, photos and scrapbooks.

   Haley West, a UAM student, said, “I loved going to see these children and how excited they were to see us.  I would love to go back and really get to know these girls and just be able to be a positive part in their lives.”

   The BCM students also met with the maintenance director and raked leaves for about two hours.

   “This opened up opportunities for the future with the kids and the Baptist Home,” UAM student Clark Butler said.


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