Pre-registration Gives Students Opportunities

By Chris Guzman
Staff Writer

tv_Around Campus 10dbMONTICELLO – Pre-registration at the University of Arkansas at Monticello started April 1, and many students seemed to have taken advantage of the process.

   Pre-registration gives students a chance to get a first look and possibly first pick of classes they want for the fall semester. It is always good to take advantage of the pre-registration process, so students get exactly what classes they want and when they want to take them. Students who already pre-registered said the process was not only helpful, but quick and easy as well.

   “I got all the classes I want for next semester, and I’ll still be able to work with the convenient times I was able to get,” said Shelby Simmons, student at UAM.

   Simmons also said all she had to do was email her advisor to set up a time to meet, and she was in and out in about 30 minutes.

   Some students who have not taken advantage of pre-registration in the past are making sure they find the time to schedule an appointment with their advisor to avoid a “bad” schedule at regular Fall registration.

   Elmaz Bendinelli, student at UAM says this time around she is not missing out on the opportunity.

   “Last semester was real tough on me with class and work being so close together. Pre-registration gave me a chance to space out my work schedule with my class schedule,” said Bendinelli.

   Pre-registration is good to take advantage of especially for those students who have a busy life after classes are over; from students who work and go to school to our very own student athletes who need to have the afternoon hours to practice.

   Pre-registration ends Friday, April 12.


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