SVA Hopes To Assist Student Veterans In Transition

By Rodney Hill
Staff Writer

tv_Around Campus 10dbThe Student Veterans Association’s first year of existence at University of Arkansas at Monticello experienced progress dealing with returning military veterans.

   Life transition back into school and society from a military lifestyle can be difficult for one of America’s veterans. The goal of the Student Veterans Association consists of making the transition back into college and civilian life easier for the men and women of the armed forces. This program is one of only three student veteran organizations in the state of Arkansas. Only veterans and ROTC cadets are allowed to be members and they are met with different forms of assistance such as tuition help, communication with others on campus and access to different social events that allow them to interact with others. We’re the “voice for them to the administration,” said Carol Strong.

   A majority of veterans don’t see university campuses as a veteran-friendly environment. Most people obtain a pre-determined idea towards soldiers as protectors of the country when in reality they are humans trying to better their education by enrolling in college. These people “are actual humans,” said Strong “that need to be supported.”

   The future of the program hopes to provide a medium for the veterans to transition into college life easier. It also looks to hold different events for students to interact and the organization will become one of the most predominant organizations on campus and the community. This will help more veterans blend with society better if they feel they are wanted back in society. Returning veterans would obtain a face and be welcomed with open arms into the UAM family.


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