SGA Discusses Funding Struggles, Weevil Perks

By Kelly Reed
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO – The University of Arkansas-Monticello Student Government Association met on Tuesday to discuss continuing funding struggles, updates to the Music Building and Weevil Perks.

   Funding remains a problem for SGA. As a result, some student organizations must find alternate funding sources. The Journalism Club, an on-campus organization, sought funding at a previous meeting to attend the Arkansas Collegiate Media Association.

   ACMA is a statewide journalism and media competition, where students may submit articles. The Journalism Club usually funds ACMA, paying for transportation, registration and other fees, but requested funding from SGA this year.

   Although SGA denied the Journalism Club funding, SGA members encourage UAM students to attend the Last Lecture Series, which will occur on April 18. Profits raised from the Last Lecture Series go to support the Journalism Club.

   SGA also tackled issues regarding the process of updating the Music Building. According to Dylan Miles, work is currently underway on the Recital Hall. However, the Music Building still faces problems. The building has hosted a bee infestation since 2002 and contains a massive leak, which caused the destruction of a $20,000 Baby Grand Piano.

   SGA continues to support the updates to the Music Building. An alumni support group met on April 1 with Chancellor Jack Lassiter to address these problems.

   Director of Student Programs & Activities Guy Joubert also discussed Weevil Perks. Joubert said, “It’s not a small job.” The list of businesses that Weevil Perks information will be sent to should be compiled by the end of this week.

   Weevil Perks also plans to look at service industries, in addition to restaurants. Joubert said he wants to lay the foundation in Monticello this year and then expand Weevil Perks to include Crossett, McGehee, Warren and Star City. UAM students could potentially receive discounts on services such as day care from Weevil Perks in the future.

   SGA also handed out candidate filing forms. Voting for SGA elections will be on April 23-25.


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