Judith Howard Hopes To Bring Real-World Experience To Social Work Program

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Rodney Hill
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO-The University of Arkansas at Monticello introduced a new director of Social Work Program to the student body this past fall.

   Judith Howard took over as head of the social work program with a strong resume and a vision of the program in the future. Howard attended Sullens College, an all-women’s college, her freshman year. Later, she graduated from Louisiana Tech and earned a masters from the University of North Carolina. She then practiced her doctorial work at UCLA. She held a psycho therapy practice in Ruston for 15 years. Also, for about a 10-year span, she worked in major cities such as Los Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C. After closing her latest practice in June, she accepted her current position at UAM.

   Due to her many travels, she hopes to bring a basic knowledge to students of different human rights and social problems that are global. She will also help translate theories taught at UAM to real-world examples. She said social work should always be in continuous assessment of the program and what they are doing with it. Her vision for the program in the future allows students to take trips out of the country to see there are many places and things in this world other than being culturally captivated within the borders of southeast Arkansas.

   UAM reminds her of a level-one trauma center in Washington, D.C. she worked at for some time. Working here a person never knows what to expect and never knows what will happen.

   “There is always something going on that needs my attention,” Howard said. “I love it, I’m really happy in this job.”


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