BCM Travels To Lawrence, KS For Mission Trip

By Ryan Hill
Staff Writer

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MONTICELLO – The students of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at the University of Arkansas at Monticello headed back to Lawrence, Kansas for a second straight year.

   At Haskell Indian Nations University,  the students did most of the service work in 20 degree temperatures with wind chills colder than that.  The students got the opportunity to work with HINU maintenance crew doing landscaping. The landscaping consisted of trimming trees, bushes and pulling weeds.

   The weather was not the only obstacle the students had to overcome. Most of the afternoon and evening activities planned were rescheduled or cancelled all together. The students were able to reach the HINU students with new and creative ways to create opportunities while bowling, hosting a movie night, playing softball and kickball and having a banana bash.

   Haley West, a UAM master’s student, said, “It was fun getting to play sports with all the students. It was really cool getting to interact with them.”

   Terry Montgomery, a UAM student, said, “The families don’t have a lot of money. With some, it’s hard to put food on their own table.  One day the work crew, as they put it, honored us and they brought breakfast and allowed us to join them. It was amazing to see and feel that love and being able to help bridge the gaps between cultures.”

   The students took part in a prayer drive. The students drove through neighborhoods and prayed for the people of the community and the churches. At the end of each day, the students would do a Bible study. During the last Bible study, each student complimented another student on what they did that week.

   “Even though things did not go as we planned, things definitely went how God planned and that is even better,” West said.


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