New Books In the Library

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Kathy Davis

tv_news from library 10dbMONTICELLO – New books arrived in the Fred J. Taylor Library.

   New books include:

  • Bridges to the Community GV351 B74 2007
  • Outsourcing by Cromie, Jennie & Zott, Lynn HD3860 O98 2013
  • Are Unions Still Relevant? by Berlatsky, Noah

    HD6483 A684 2013

  • Trends in Consumption and Price of Wood-Based and Conventional Sources of Energy in the United States by Koirala, Krishna Hari

    HD9502 K64 2013

  • Free Trade by Hanson, Ann & Zott, Lynn

    HF1713 F73534 2013

  • Homosexuality by Haugen, David & Musser, Susan HQ75.15 H66 2013
  • Child Pornography by Kiesbye, Stefan

    HQ471 C452 2013

  • Parenting by Espejo, Roman

    HQ755.8 P3787 2013

  • Teen Dating by Gerdes, Louise

    HQ801.83 T44 2013

  • Monticello Placed-Based Codes and Plans for an Arkansas Delta Community

    HT394 M6 M65 2006

  • Club Drugs by Watkins, Christine

    HV5822 M38 C587 2013

  • The Leadership Dynamic in Public College and University Systems

    LB2301 L42 2009 

  • What is the Future of the Music Industry? by Jr. Lankford, Ronald

    ML3790 W49 2013

  • Shakespeare’s Tremor and Orwell’s Cough by Ross, John J.

    PR106 R59 2012

  • The Masked Demon by Spencer, Mark

    PS3569 P4536 M37 2012

  • Shorebird Use of Stopover Habitat on Private, State, and Federal Lands in Southeast Arkansas by Aycock, Elizabeth Jean  QL696 A99 2012
  • Medical Technology by Ullmann, Carol & Zott, Lynn

    R855.3 M424 2013

  • Prescription Drug Abuse by Haerens, Margaret & Zott, Lynn 

    RM146.7 P74 2013

  • Fracking by Thompson, Tamara

    TD195 G3 F73 2013

  • Should Drilling Be Allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? by Thompson, Tamara

    TN872 A7 S545 2013


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