Spring Break:Helpful Or Hurtful

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

tv_oped   Spring break has come and gone for the University of Arkansas at Monticello students. While last week was a wonderful week off, I find myself wondering if I am the only student having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

   Prior to spring break, I had a routine. I bought a calendar that I keep in my binder with everything on the day that it is due. As I complete assignments, I highlight them to let myself know that task is complete and I can move on to the next task.

   Yet, since I have returned from spring break, I find myself in a fog. I cannot seem to focus on the task at hand or find the time to accomplish everything I need to get done. I have a to-do list that seems to be growing by the day, but I feel spring break has seriously de-railed my motivation.

   Coming back from a blissful week of no homework, I find myself wanting to blow it off again this week in lieu of other things. I would even rather clean than have to do my homework.

   Previously, I was knocking assignments out as much as a week to week and a half before the deadline. Now, I find myself procrastinating until the last possible minute.  I even put off studying for my midterm until the morning of the midterm, only to remember something else a little more pressing that same morning. What has gotten into me?

   Did I become lazy over the spring break? I thought those were meant as a refresher so I do not burn-out before summer, but this spring break has been seriously detrimental to my success this semester.


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