Easter Truths Revealed

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

tv_opedMany religions have their own meaning for Easter.

   In the Christian religion, Good Friday is celebrated as the day Jesus died on the cross and Easter is the occasion for which he arose from the grave.

   But surprisingly, Easter is not found in the Bible. It is found in the King James version in Acts 12;4, but this is a misinterpretation. The word Easter is not of Christian origin.  Easter was a pagan festival, originating in the worship of other gods. It was adopted into Christianity as a way to help converts.

   As Christianity spreads, it picks up bits and pieces from the people who convert.  The Romans believe all life comes from an egg, while Christians regard eggs as “the seed of life”. Therefore, eggs have been incorporated into Easter.

   While we do not have concrete evidence, it is believed the dying of eggs comes from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Persia. In medieval Europe, decorated eggs were given as gifts. These eggs were a sign of fertility to ancient people because an animal hatching from the egg was so surprising in ancient times. Yet, Christians adopted this symbol as the empty tomb from which Jesus arose.

As for the Easter bunny, he is a sign of new life. Due to rabbits rapid, multiple births, they are viewed as a sign of fertility.  Spring is a sign of new life. The winter killed off the beautiful flowers and now, spring brings them back to us.

   All of these symbols are of pre-Christian origin.  Christianity absorbed them as a way to help people who wanted to convert, but not have to give up on all of their pre-Christian ways.

   So, Sunday as you watch children run around with glee picking up eggs and stuffing them in their baskets, attend Sunrise service or enjoy your Easter ham, just know that Easter has a deeper meaning than you may have been led to believe all of these years.



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