Tiny Thai Place Offers New Experience

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

tv_opedMONTICELLO-Tiny Thai Place, located at 1039 Highway 278 W in Monticello is open for business.

   When I first went into the restaurant, I was caught off guard. I expected it to be set up as a restaurant. Apparently he is trying to get off of the ground. He used to operate out of the “Tiny Thai Trailer”, but has recently moved into a building, known to many Monticello natives as “the old Cowboy’s”.

   There are not many places to sit. I saw three tables when I went in. Part of the building houses auction items for Mike Nichols Auctions, which is held in the same building. I decided not to eat there that day.

   Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me. I have heard so many people talk about it and how good it is. So, I decided I needed to give it another shot. This time, I decided to call my order in.

   My husband went to pick the order up. He did not make it a mile down the road before he had to turn around. He went back to place another order.

   The shrimp fried rice had a wonderful flavor. The shrimp must have been grilled or sautéed. Thai Paul, as he is known, told us he does not boil anything. The shrimp was cooked to perfection, along with the rice and vegetables. The chicken and broccoli with fried rice was also very tasty. The chicken looked and tasted grilled. The broccoli had some sort of sauce on it that was very delicious. The sauce from the chicken and broccoli made the rice that much more delicious, if that was even possible.

   The plates averaged around eight dollars each, which was an awesome value due to the fact that I shared my plate with my two-year-old son, and we still had enough leftovers to put up for tomorrow.

   From what I was told from other sources, the people who work for Thai Paul are all volunteers. They also said there is one more auction to be held inside the building, and then they will be removing the auction items. Maybe then, Thai Paul will have more room to set up tables and make the place a little more inviting to customers.

   You can find out more about the Tiny Thai Place on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tinythaiplace or call 870-723-9258


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