Spring Break Lurks Near

tv_buzzworthy 10dbBy Chris Guzman
Staff Writer

MONTICELLO-Spring break at the University of Arkansas at Monticello is right around the corner and students are excited to have the much needed one-week break.

   Spring break is the time to unwind and just forget, at least for a while, about school related activities that seem to cause headaches for most students. The break allows students to recharge their batteries, regroup and be ready for the grueling second half of the spring semester. Some students are looking forward to get away and be with family and friends.

   “This is my favorite time of the spring semester”, said Caleb Miaers, student at UAM. “I’m excited to be going back home for the break and enjoy all the good company”.

   Miaers said with his involvement in spring sports the last few years, this will be the first spring break to himself since his days in high school.

   While some students are making the much anticipated trips back home, others are looking for a change of scenery.

   Mathew Crawley, student at UAM, says he cannot wait for his last test to be over so he can enjoy a vacation he’s been planning for months.

   “I’ll be going to South Padre Island in Texas for my spring break”, said Crawley. “I absolutely can’t wait to get out on the road and put school behind me for a while”.

   Not every student is seeking to get out of Monticello. Some students just want to enjoy the downtime of doing their everyday routine without having to worry about studying, homework or deadlines. Sleeping in and having a little company in Monticello seems to be just fine for some students.

   “Monticello really isn’t a bad place to be during spring break”, said Johnnie Sellers, student at UAM. “I can just let loose and hang out with some of my fellow weevils who will also be here for the break”.

   Good times and great weather seem to be in the forecast for spring break and it is likely every student is hoping for a long week.

 Editor’s Note: This article was changed to correct format issues. 

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