State Legislature Signs 12-Week Abortion Ban

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

tv_opedMONTICELLO-Arkansas signed a restrictive anti-abortion bill into law March 6.

   This law gives Arkansas the strictest abortion law, with other states trying to follow suit. Generally, a baby’s heartbeat can be heard through an abdominal ultrasound at twelve weeks, which is why twelve weeks is the cut-off.

   Senator Jason Rapert who introduced the bill said this new law is not unconstitutional because “the U.S. Constitution says nothing whatsoever about abortion. This is governed by case law.” Of course, he is referring to Roe versus Wade. In this 1973 case, the Supreme Court decided “that a person has a right to abortion until viability”, with viable meaning that the infant could survive outside of the mother’s womb.

   The new law does have a few exceptions including rape, incest, highly lethal fetal disorders and the life of the mother being in jeopardy.

   Governor Mike Beebe attempted to veto this bill, but the House overrode the decision. Beebe feels Arkansas will spend unnecessary money trying to defend this law.

   The American Civil Liberties Union and Center for Reproductive Rights have promised to challenge the law. The Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm linked with Liberty University in Virginia, has offered to defend the law on a pro-bono basis.

   The law will not take effect until after the house and senate adjourns in late March or April.

   Women who have abortions will not face prosecution, but the doctors who perform the abortion after the 12-week ban could have their medical license revoked.

   As a pro-life advocate myself, I am against abortion with few exceptions. But, the 12-week ban is better than nothing. Some people claim we are not taking the mother into consideration. Those people are uneducated to the law. The mother has 12 weeks to terminate the pregnancy. Usually women find out around six weeks they are pregnant. Why do they need an additional 18 weeks to decide to abort the baby? Surely, other than the exceptions, a woman would know if they want to keep a baby within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

   According to, by 13 and one-half weeks, a fetus responds to pain at all levels of the nervous system.  This means that the fetus feels pain as it is being aborted. Why should we ignore their rights? They are humans and deserve to be treated as such. A newborn has human rights, but as a fetus, he does not? A life is created at conception. Why does the Supreme Court have the power to determine when a fetus should be treated as a human?

   I, for one, am proud to from a state who is trying their best to ban abortion.


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