New Books In The Library

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Kathy Davis

tv_news from library 10dbMONTICELLO – New books recently arrived in the Fred J. Taylor Library.

New books include:

Paranormal Phenomenon by Espejo, Roman
BF1031 P3343 2013

Pakistan by Miller, Debra A.
DS389 P3417 2013

The 1967 Detroit Riots by Berlatsky, Noah
F574 D49 N422 2013

The Cuban Revolution by Immell, Myra
F1788 C8277 2013

Natural Disasters by Haerens, Margaret & Zott, Lynn M.
GB5014 N374 2013

US Airport Security by Haerens, Margaret & Zott, Lynn M.
HE9797.4 S4 U82 2013

Human Rights by Haugen, David & Musser, Susan
JC571 H76853 2013

War in Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front by Berlatsky, Noah
PT2635 E68 I766 2013

Global Warming by Miller, Debra A.
QC981.8 G56 G574414 2013

Teen Residential Treatment Programs by Bartos, Judeen
RJ506 J88 T44 2013

E-Books by Miller, Debra A.
Z1033 E43 E37 2013


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