SGA/SAB Host ‘Dash for Dollars’ Event Feb. 11

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

 Lennessa White wins $100 at Dash for Dollars. The event was held Feb. 11 in the UC Green room.

Lennessa White wins $100 at Dash for Dollars. The event was held Feb. 11 in the UC Green room.

MONTICELLO – The Student Government Association and Student Activities Board hosted “Dash for Dollars” Feb. 11 in the John F. Gibson University Center Green Room.

   There were three rounds. The first round was the baby round. Four contestants were chosen due to their enthusiasm. First, they were given a baby bottle with some water in it. The first three to drink the water moved on. The three that moved on had to unwrap a roll of toilet paper. The first two to do that moved on to the last part of that round. The round one semi-finalist had to build two towers of three building blocks while wearing oven mitts. Brittney Harding won round one.

   The second round was the Hawaiian round. Four new contestants were chosen. First, they had to hula hoop five times. The first three successful contestants moved on.  Those three had to do the limbo. One contestant was disqualified because his hand may have brushed the ground. The two remaining contestants played miniature golf on a travel green. Lennessa White won round two.

   Round three was the sports round. Fifteen potential candidates lined up for their chance to play the final qualification round. Four contestants started out the round by playing the ring toss. The first three to land their rings on the post moved on. The next task was a miniature basketball. The two guys who moved on were given a Rubrics’ cube. Rashaun Abrams won round three.

   The three finalists won $25 in their respective rounds. They lined up and had to guess if the card was red or black. The first two to get three correct moved on. Harding and White then faced off over a Jenga-style competition. Harding knocked the tower over, so White moved on to the cash cube.

   White had 30 seconds inside the cube. The host turned the fan on and the money started flying. White grabbed as much money as she could. Once out of the cube, the host counted her money in front of the crowd. She won $46. The host added $29 to that. Along with the $25 she won during her qualifying round, she won a total of $100. White said she was going to take her best friend with her “to blow the money”.

   Throughout the evening, the host threw money into the audience. People would dive to the floor and get rough over one dollar bills.


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