Royer Residents Play Roommate Game


Residents at Royer Hall play a game to see how well they know their roommates. The game was hosted Wednesday, Feb. 6 by the RA.

By A’lissia Burden
Staff Writer

   The ladies in Royer Hall decided to spice it up Wednesday, Feb. 6 and play a game to compete for a basket of candy.

   The game was designed to see how well you knew your roommate with questions such as “What’s your roommate’s middle name, favorite food and phone number?”

   There were many tie-breakers. After about five questions, they finally had a winning question. The question was “What’s your roommate’s favorite part of their body?” Jasmine Cole and LaShomonique Bass were the only ones to get the question correct.

   The girls in Royer really had a blast! It gave them a chance to communicate and learn a lot about the other girls.

   Being apart of Residence Life is a great way to share plenty of college experiences with other people. Its a good way to meet new people.

   Melissa Ohannes was the Resident Assistant responsible for the game. When asked how she felt about the game night she replied, “The program was a great success. It is truly incredible to see young women interacting with one another in a positive and lively manner. I just wanted to see the girls smile and have some fun.”



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