Professor Retires After 20 Years

By Drew Foote
Staff Writer


Gary Marshall
(File photo by Eric Bell)

MONTICELLO-A professor in the University of Arkansas-Monticello communication department retired Monday, Feb. 4 due to physical illness.

Professor of Speech Communication Gary Marshall, Ph.D., is suffering from Hepatitis C, a virus that eats the liver. Marshall said it completely zaps his energy, changes his sleep habits and makes it hard for him to recall information quickly.

Marshall said in order to keep a good quality of life he needed to retire.

“I want to leave the classroom remembered as someone who’s still fired up about their discipline rather than as some doddering old confused fart that has to pee every five minutes,” Marshall said.

Marshall said the virus withdrew to a non-detectable level from different treatments, but it “reared its ugly head.” The virus is in the highest stage it’s ever been in.

Marshall taught many classes in his 20 years of employment at UAM which comprised: introduction to communication, public speaking, interpersonal communication, introduction to oral interpretation, performance studies and small group communication.

Marshall advised the Creative Society and organized Mocha Madness. Dean Mark Spencer said Marshall’s performance students always got involved in performances on the community and state level.

“The key word to describe Dr. Marshall is creative,” Spencer said. “Marshall will be greatly missed and it will be hard to fill his void.”

Jim Evans, Director of Debate and Forensics, said Marshall was teaching four classes this semester. Evans will be teaching Marshall’s introduction to oral interpretation and one of his interpersonal communication classes.

Graduate Assistant Tiffany Tucker will be teaching Marshall’s other two interpersonal communication classes.

Although retired from teaching, Marshall will be continuing his business, Imaginations at LARGE, with his wife, Alice Guffey Miller. Imaginations at LARGE provide communities with “celebration art”, a combination of visual and word art.

“Take advantage of the opportunity to learn and expand your consciousness, experiences, world view and horizon,” Marshall said to all the students of UAM.

4 Responses to “Professor Retires After 20 Years”
  1. Ron S says:

    Mars made every day a joy to students and colleagues. He always made us think even though we might believe we were only laughing. He’s a great mentor and a sincere friend. He will be sorely missed; already is.

  2. Brittany Dean says:

    He was and still an amazing teacher!

  3. Shocking! Uam will not be the same! But 20 years is a good long run, and he’s changed the lives of many.

  4. Pam Cameron says:

    I’m so sad that Mars Hall is sick. I never had a class with him, but I have fond memories of him at Mocha Madness. He is such an inspiration to the students.

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