UAM Student Presents Seminar On Stress Management

By Susan Pruitt
Senior Editor

MONTICELLO – A University of Arkansas-Monticello psychology and nursing major spoke to a group of students about stress management at a seminartv_Around Campus 10db Feb. 5 in Harris Hall, Room 200.

   Nyesia Driver discussed stress signals, stressors, causes of stress and ways to relieve stress

   She said stress signals include emotions such as anxiety, fear, moodiness and irritability. She also said stress can cause sleep disturbances, tight muscles, headaches, fatigue, stomach distress, rapid breathing, pounding heart, dry mouth and trembling.

   “It’s just good to know these things before (stress) gets worse … because a lot of people they really can’t just pinpoint what it is,” Driver said.

   Driver said stress can come from things such as family, school, job, finances, becoming independent from parents, meeting academic demands, being in a new social setting, decision making and relationship problems, just to name a few.

   Laura Hughes, director of counseling and testing, said college is one of the most stressful periods.

   “If you feel like you have stress that is overwhelming, then you need to reach out for help,” Hughes said.

   Driver said procrastination is the main cause for stress. Time management problems, taking on more than you need to and poor organization skills are a few more causes of stress.

   Driver said some ways to relieve stress include exercising, letting negative things go, eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep, engaging in hobbies and listening to music.

   “Anything that makes you laugh and calm down is awesome. Being around friends, which is a kind of support system, is also helpful,” Driver said.

   Driver said behavior linked with stress includes crying, increased/decreased appetite, acting impulsively, alcohol/drug use, stuttering and being more accident prone.

   Hughes said everyone’s stress is different, but time management can help everyone. At the meeting, Hughes distributed planners to everyone who attended.

   For more information on stress management, tutoring or counseling services, please contact Hughes at 460-1454.


Time Management Seminar Informs Students 


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