Time Management Seminar Informs Students

By Jennifer Lawrence
Senior Editor

tv_buzzworthy 10dbMONTICELLO-Nyesia Driver hosted the Time Management Seminar Jan. 29.

   Her primary points during the meeting were time management mistakes and solutions to correct those mistakes. Many common mistakes are not setting goals, not prioritizing your tasks, procrastination, multi-tasking and bad scheduling.

   “If you don’t know where to start first, try setting realistic goals that you know you can achieve,” said Driver. Other options include keeping a to-do list, slowing down, expecting the unexpected and allowing flexibility, keeping things in your cell phone or laptop, positive reinforcement, giving your brain a break and learning to isolate yourself.

   She also informed the group about www.mindtools.com. She said the app for the phone will lock your cell phone during your scheduled study time and not let you in until the scheduled time is up. This helps to cut down on distractions while you are suppose to be studying.

   Driver will host a series of seminars over the semester on topics such as stress management, note taking, study skills and preparing for finals. For more information, please contact Laura Hughes at 870-460-1454.

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