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Kathy Davis

  • tv_news from library 10dbWhat Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite by DiSalvo, David     BF575 H27 D611w 2011
  • Hitch-22: A Memoir by Hitchens, Christopher     CT275 H62575 A3 2010
  • Beyond Courage by Rappaport, Doreen     D804.6 R37 2012
  • Expeditionary Eagles by Poole, H. John    DS371.412 P66 2010
  •  The World of the American Indian     E77 W88 1989
  • The Union War by Gallagher, Gary W.     E468 G349 2011
  • A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends and Folklore by Botkin, B.A.     E655 B65 1981
  • Understanding Sea-level Rise and Variability by Church, John A.     GC89 U53 2010
  • Hope is an Imperative by Orr, David W.     GE140 O77 2011
  • Into the Silence by Davis, Wade    GV199.92 M356 D38 2011
  • Freedom’s Forge by Herman, Arthur     HC106.4 H467 2012
  • Radicals; Portraits of a Destructive Passion by Horowitz, David    HN49 R33 H67 2012
  • Homeland Siege by Poole, H. John     HV5825 P615 2009
  • Beyond the Arab Spring by Brynen, Rex     JQ1850 A58 B49 2012
  • The Condition of Education 2012     L112 N377 2012
  • Praxis by Kaplan     LB1762  P737  2010
  • Leonardo and the Last Supper by King, Ross     ND623 L5 A683 2012
  • God of Carnage by Reza, Yasmina     PQ2678 E955 D5413 2008b
  • Milton a Poem by Blake, William     PR4144 M6 1998
  • Science Friction by Shermer, Michael     Q175 S53437 2005
  • Antifragile by Taleb, Nassim Nicholas     Q375 T348 2012
  • The Colorado Plateau IV by III Riper, Charles van     QH104.5 C58 C66 2010
  • The Desert Year by Krutch, Joseph Wood     QH104.5 S6 K7 2010
  • Amazonia: Landscape and Species Evolution by Hoorn, C.     QH112 A435 2010
  • Protecting Life on Earth by Marchetti, Michael P.     QL82 M358 2010
  • Birds of Prey of the World by Grossman, Mary Louise     QL696 A2 G75
  • The End of Illness by Agus, David B.    RA776.5 A38 2012
  • Conservation by Proxy by Caro, Tim     S936 C37 2010
  • Livestock in a Changing Landscape Vol. 1 by Steinfeld, Henning     SF140 L65 L57 2010
  • Safe Passages by Beckmann, Jon P.    SK356 W54 S34 2010

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