Trainers Help Athletes During Practice and Games

By Lei Brist
Staff Writer


tv Sports reflection 10dbMONTICELLO – Football trainers help with sports in many ways.

   During football games, when someone gets hurt, you see Brittney Harding and other trainers on the sidelines ready to help. Being at practice before the players, going to the games, wrapping ankles and wrists, cleaning injuries, taking players to the doctor and keeping them hydrated, the job of a trainer is endless.

   “I started by volunteering last spring. I plan on becoming an athletic trainer,” said Brittney Harding, an exercise science major. “We mostly help the football players, but we tape ankles for the other sports as well.”

   The trainers keep the players moving and make sure they are in great condition to play.

   “We help prepare the players for practice and games by taping their ankles and wrists. In between games, we also help give treatments and physical therapy to the athletes in order for them to play at their full potential,” said Samantha Montgomery, a political science major.


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