Pink’s Lyrics Contain Social Relevance

By Lei Brist
Staff Writer

tv_a&eMONTICELLO– Pink’s new CD contains social relevance.

   Pink’s new CD “The Truth About Love” shows the social relevant in not only her lyrics, but her music videos. The music video for the song “Try,” she uses ballet and colored powder to demonstrate domestic abuse. The powerful video shocks the audience, but is easy to relate to at the same time.

   “It’s an over-all great CD, just like Pink always makes, but it’s great too because she is talking about real social issues instead of which club she is going to next,” said Sam Montgomery, a political science major.

   The song “Blow Me One Last Kiss” shows how it feels when you can’t stand a relationship any longer. The lyrics say “I won’t miss all of the fighting that we always did/Take it in/I mean what I say when I say there is nothing left.” This lyric demonstrates the force behind the music.

   “It’s relatable. Her lyrics aren’t always about partying it up. They’re about what you do when you have a really bad day. She doesn’t sing about things that rappers do like getting money and rolling with men. She talks about picking herself up after experiencing tough times, and asking forgiveness of people she’s hurt in the past,” said Sydney Davis, a creative writing major.

   “The Truth About Love” is in stores and on iTunes now.


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