UAM Promotes Campus Involvement In Recycling

By Brittany Gilliam Sears
Staff Writer

tv_News 10dbMONTICELLO – The University of Arkansas at Monticello initiated some techniques towards getting the campus involved with recycling.

   A committee formed of UAM staff came together to try to make recycling fun and to bring awareness to recycling at the same time, according to Mindy Holcomb, director of student programs and activities and UAM recycling committee member.

   “We decided to start small,” Holcomb said.

   Holcomb said they came up with “The UAM Mean Green Recycling Machine” campaign. The committee decided to start with football games.

   “We allowed different organizations to sign up for the first five home football games,” Holcomb said. After they signed up, green trash bags and gloves were given to the organizations. UAM purchased the green vests that the organizations wore.

   “The organizations would meet in the field house and put their organizations name on the bag, so when it was collected we would know which organization it belonged to,” Holcomb said.

   Holcomb said they collected bottles and aluminum cans in separate bags.

   “Whoever collected the most recyclables during the game won $100 for their campus organization,” Holcomb said.

   Holcomb said at the sixth home football game, all of the previous winners were allowed to come back and compete for the “jackpot.” The jackpot prize was $300.

   Holcomb said Jay Hughes, vice chancellor for student affairs and UAM recycling committee member, purchased “mean green shirts” to throw out at all the home football games to try and help promote recycling awareness.

   Ashley Smith, senior social work major and member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, said recycling at football games gets more people involved.

   “Some people even got friends and family member to bring their cans from home. It helps people off campus get involved,” Smith said.

   Chris Ratcliff, director of athletics and UAM recycling committee member, said recycling has always been very important to him and his family. Ratcliff said he did not understand why UAM was not recycling at games.

   Ratcliff said he came together with other people who were already working on getting some recycling ideas turned into actions.

   Ratcliff said the athletics department purchased four recycling bins. Two would go in the gym for gym games, one would go for softball and the other would go for baseball. The bins would be for all cans and bottles.

   Ratcliff said he would later like to add paper to the list of recyclables. “It’s a growing process to get people to think about recycling,” Ratcliff said.

   “It’s amazing how much trash we get rid of. Almost everything on campus, we can recycle,” Ratcliff said.

   Ratcliff said it’s a little extra labor on the people who participate, but “It’s our earth, and we have to take care of what we have.”

   “If we can get other organizations involved, we could do so much. Somebody has to start,” Ratcliff said.

   To find out more information on recycling on UAM’s campus, please contact Ratcliff at or Holcomb at


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