Monticello Recycle Center Emphasizes Importance Of Recycling

By Brittany Gilliam Sears
Staff Writer

tv_News 10dbMONTICELLO – Many questions arise when the subject of recycling comes up.  The Monticello Transfer Station clears up and explains what community members need to do to start recycling.

   Cathy Davis, transfer station supervisor, said “recycling is important because it’s good for the environment and because the landfill space could potentially run out.”

   Davis said the Monticello Recycle Center has two balers. One baler bales cardboard and newspaper. The other baler bales newspaper, aluminum cans, plastic, shredded paper and cardboard.

   Electronics are also collected, but are put on a trailer to go to Ashley County, Davis said.

   Used tires are accepted from individuals and businesses. At this time, there is no charge to drop anything recyclable off at the transfer station, Davis said.

   Davis said the recycle center gets yearly recycling grants from the Southeast Solid Waste Management district. These grants help buy equipment, trucks, trailers, supplies and operating supplies such as baling wire.

   Once the recyclable material is put into the baler, it compacts it. Cardboard that has been recycled wraps around the bale and is then held together with baling wire, Davis said.

   After the recycle center gets 42 bales of cardboard, Ozark Recycling will come and get it. According to Ozark Recycling, the bales get sold directly to the paper company.

   Businesses can call to get cardboard products picked up after a pickup area is discussed, Davis said.

   Any office paper can be dropped off at the recycle center. The office paper must be shredded already because the recycle center does not have a way to shred it, Davis said.

   According to the recycling center announcement board, plastic bottles can be dropped off, but the lids must be removed.

   Wednesday is curbside recycle day in the city limits, Davis said. Every Wednesday it gets picked up by trailer loads, and then it’s brought to the recycle center to be hand sorted.

   “The people in the county are welcome to bring their recyclables out here. We want it to be convenient to recycle, so the landfill doesn’t fill up,” Davis said.

   Allen Maxwell, mayor of Monticello, said if the landfills are not managed properly, it will become an environmental issue.

   Maxwell said recycling reduces the amount that goes to landfills. Landfills are extremely expensive to build and manage.

   “So much can be eliminated from the landfill by recycling because we can use it over and over again. It’s important to recycle so we can cut solid waste cost, keep the water table from messing up and keeping the environment healthy,” Maxwell said.

   Davis said anyone who wanted to learn more about recycling can visit the recycling center located on Old Warren Rd.

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