Smartphones Rapidly Advance From Initial Design

Clint Blasengame
Junior Editor

tv_News 10dbMONTICELLO – The smartphone has made rapid advancements from its initial designs and models.

   What features must a phone have to classify as a smartphone? According to, a smartphone is a phone that, aside from having the standard uses as a feature phone, allows users to run applications and play multimedia files.

   In 1992, IBM introduced Simon, the first smartphone. states the phone included a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, email and games. In 1993, the brick-sized phone was released to the public. Weighing in just over a pound, the phone’s price was $899 with a two-year service agreement.

   Almost every phone on today’s market comes standard with these features. It is common to see all sorts of apps, from navigation to weather.

   With smartphones changing, their markets have changed as well. From Simon selling around 50,000 units, compared to Apple’s popular iPhone 4S, selling four million units in its first weekend alone.

   As for the future of smartphones, a JP Morgan prediction states that 657 million smartphones will be sold this year. According to, some of the features to look for in the future of smartphone technology includes: built-in projectors, total voice control, 3-D screens and holograms.

   While most of these features seem far from being in a smartphones capability, many of today’s smartphones already feature some similar features. The iPhone 4S comes with Siri, a application allowing voice control over the phones commands.

   While the future of smartphones is wide open and rapidly advancing, one thing is for sure, the smartphone is impacting millions of lives worldwide on a daily basis.

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