Preparation For Finals Week Relieves Stress

By Chris Guzman
Staff Writer

tv_opedMONTICELLO – Finals week at the University of Arkansas at Monticello is right around the corner, and the first word to pop into any students’ head is “stress”.

There’s always an added pressure towards the end of a term because it’s at the point where a student knows what he or she has to make in order to fulfill their expected grade in a class. Too much stress can be unhealthy, but according to Scott Kuttenkuler, dean of students, stress can actually help if a student is able to use it correctly.

“Stress at the right levels makes you raise your game,” said Kuttenkuler. “You have to make sure that you are balancing that, so that you can be productive. If you have too much stress you’re not going to be productive, if you don’t have any stress you’re probably not going to be productive either.”

Similar to some athletes, added pressure can either make a player do really well in that moment or completely fail. Luckily for students at UAM, the “moment” lasts an entire week, and students should take advantage of that. Preparing beforehand can help take some pressure off and actually boost confidence come finals week.

Preparing for several different tests in advance seems a lot easier said than done. Students can be overwhelmed by the amount of studying that has to be done before finals, but setting up a schedule can help make all the studying manageable.

“Start early and do not wait until finals week to begin studying,” said Laura Hughes, director of counseling. “Not being prepared leads to an increase in anxiety. Use a calendar or a planner and make a daily schedule of the topics you need to study or review for each class.  Block off several hours each day and cover material for each class during that time.  Don’t forget to schedule time for any unfinished projects that are due.”

In order for a student to be successful when finals week arrives, it has to be the first priority no matter what. A student has to know when to say no to something that could conflict with their time studying. Again, this is a lot easier said than done, but then again it’s one more week of pushing and grinding to reach the Winter break, so why not do everything possible to make sure the break is well deserved?

“It is so easy to go and take a test and say ‘I’m just going to take nap and relax for just a second’, and then all of a sudden a student burns an entire afternoon,” said Kuttenkuler. “If there’s a party going on, you have got to say no. You have to put yourself forward and focus on what’s going on.”

The final push is here and the main thing to do when staring the test right in face is stay calm, trust all the studying that was done, take a deep breath and do your best!


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