Late Night Breakfast Takes Pressure Off Finals Week

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Jaquetta Gaines

MONTICELLO – Finals can be stressful for students. The reason could be that you feel like this could be your last chance to pull up your grades or you feel overwhelmed from the pressures of passing your classes. Late night breakfast can help you relax, enjoy delicious breakfast and spend time with friends. Held at the University Center Dining Hall on Dec. 3 at 9 p.m., students got the chance to eat and win prizes. The prizes included electronic devices and snack boxes. The music at the late night breakfast kept the crowd hyped.

The unexpected probate by the Zeta’s surprised the audience. The crowd saw a white girl pledge for a black sorority. Her actually doing this made this event special and unique. She went by the name of Jenny and she showed the crowd that no matter what color you are you can be accepted. The crowd showed their support by smiling and applauding for her. She stepped and kept up with her sorority sisters. Her moving her body on beat hyped the crowd. She danced off a song called “I’m different.” The crowd saw that being different can be a good thing.

If you missed the late night breakfast, you missed all the excitement from the prizes to the probate. The stress from finals left the room and students enjoyed themselves. Students got the chance to join others and be apart of the special event. You never know what surprises will happen at the late night breakfast. It continues to get better each year.


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