New Smartphone Era Helps to Advance the Masses

By Clint Blasengame
Junior Editor

MONTICELLO- In today’s fast pace world, getting information and other content at the touch of a screen can make a big difference.

   According to, out of five billion mobile phone users in the world, 1.08 billon are smartphones users. Many of these smartphone users are young college students.

   Many of these students use their smartphones on a daily basis for a number of uses. From applications to surfing the web, students use their phones to stay entertained and informed.

   According to, 25 percent of students use their phones during every single class.

   University of Arkansas-Monticello student Eddie Weaver said he uses his Motorola Droid X smartphone for educational purposes.

   “It definitely helps with school,” Weaver said. “I can download any information just like that.”

Weaver said he uses his smartphone mostly for the Internet while on the go and said he doesn’t want to go back to owning a non-smartphone.

   “I have had phones that weren’t smartphones before, and I can’t imagine going back to them.

   But, what about students who don’t have the luxury of a smartphone? Do they really suffer or miss out on anything? Devon Wray, first-year student at UAM, said she feels they do.

   “Not having a smartphone means no Internet on the go or any of the games and apps that come with having one,” Wray said. “I’m limited to just talk and text.”

   Wray also said the new smartphones have a better appearance than the old mobile devices.

   “All the new smartphones out there seem to have a new and sleek look to them. It makes me want one even more,” Wray said.

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