Bullying Awareness Committee Discusses New Anti-Bullying Walk Nov. 27

By D.C. Miles
Junior Editor

tv_News 10dbMONTICELLO – The Bullying Awareness Committee discussed the new Anti-Bullying Walk and potential grade school participation Thursday Nov. 27.

   The committee, originally set up by Kathy King, director in transition to teaching, designated the annual Anti-Bullying Walk at Weevil Pond.

   One of the major topics discussed included expansion. This not only involves expansion in membership, but having areas of campus involved in covering topics for the annual walk event.

   King expressed her idea in hoping to create a planning committee consisting of representatives from all departments of the University of Arkansas at Monticello to participate, collaborate and contribute.

   “I can think of very close relationships in a lot of different areas where they can really contribute to what we are going to be doing in the future,” King said.

   King said they plan to use the same template for the event as the one used in the walk last year. She said she hopes to help expand it by bringing in public schools to observe the displays in the event.

   These displays include many things like booths, displays and collages representing the many areas of bullying in society.

   King said she hopes to have students make posters generating about particular subjects.

   Department wise, King expressed several ideas for participation potentially.

   King suggested that psychology could present a display on emotional ramifications, psychological issues, suicide and emotional damage that can result from bullying.

   Sociology was suggested to possibly present a booth on socioeconomic issues that can lead to bullying, or how it affects the communities.

   Sue Martin, assistant professor of Education, previously suggested having the School of Education create a display on bullying in schools.

   Many departments were covered, and many others were suggested by several other members of the committee and observers at the meeting. A particular angle can be covered in each department, making the area more researched and aware among those viewing potential displays.

   Another idea King suggested was having a display on a proactive approach. She requested for something that could portray what can be done about the problems in bullying.

   The committee suggested that Tira Jones, assistant director of Upward Bound, could help connect the program with middle school and high school students in the area.

   For more information, contact Kathy King at king@uamont.edu.


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