Last Chance To Register To Vote

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Chris Wright

   If you want to vote in November, the first step is to register to vote. Today is the deadline for voter registration for November’s election. All applications must be turned in to the County Clerk or postmarked with today’s date.

   If this is the first time you are voting, have moved since the last time you have voted or have changed your legal name (e.g., recently married), you must register to vote or change your voter registration using the same form. University students may elect to register to vote either locally or using their home addresses, but not both.

   You can register to vote at the County Courthouse or public library on South Main, at the Revenue Office on East Hwy 278 or you can print out a form from the following link and put it in the mail today:

   If you are not sure if you are registered to vote, you can check your registration status here:


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